Airbnb Cleaning: Checklist, Products, Contracts and Fee

Here is all about Airbnb cleaning, a standard checklist, supplies to use, average fee and refund issues, as well as other frequently asked questions.

How To Clean An Airbnb

Airbnb has become a hugely popular marketplace for persons seeking accommodation and those willing to rent their properties. Renting a property comes with several responsibilities part of which includes keeping such property in good shape.

Keeping a property in good shape also includes making sure it is kept clean. To clean your property effectively, you’ll need to follow a cleaning guideline (in this case a checklist). We’ve made this checklist available to help you out with carrying out all sorts of cleaning tasks.

Without one (an Airbnb cleaning checklist), you’re likely to leave out or forget to clean some parts of your property. This can be quite embarrassing as it’s likely to affect your rating when customers give your business bad reviews.

This can hardly be the case if you follow the simple and straightforward cleaning tasks outline here.

Whether you rent out part of your house or have a separate property as a listing, there are Airbnb products or materials that are essential for saving you time and energy which in return is profit.

Making use of the right cleaning products speeds up the process and helps you save time.

Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Before guests arrive at your property, you should have made it comfortable enough with the tasks outlined here. These range from kitchen sanitizing, linen change, cleaning the shower & water closet as well as replenishing your stock.

Additional cleaning tasks to perform include spot dusting, cleaning the floors, in-house & outdoor repairs, and maintaining common spaces. We’ll begin by expanding on or explaining further on each of the mentioned tasks.

  • Kitchen Sanitizing

If your Airbnb property will be including food and drink services to guests, then you’ll need to maintain a functional and clean kitchen. Cleaning the kitchen area should include wiping the countertops clean as well as sinks and other surfaces.

What more? The kitchen cabinets will need to be cleaned in addition to all appliances. Such appliances will need to be dusted frequently too. They may include a microwave oven, cookers, refrigerator, toaster, and dishwasher.

Dishes must be done and stored properly. Also clean and mop kitchen floors and dispose of all trash. Put in a new liner in the trashcan.

  • Linen Change

When it comes to Airbnb cleaning, all sorts of used linen must be changed after use. These range from bed sheets, towels, napkins, bathmats, and bedding. Bedding will include pillowcases, mattress covers, pillow protectors, bedspreads, and duvet covers.

These will need to be laundered and fresh linens supplied. Apart from making the bed, trashcans should be kept empty and fresh liners supplied.

  • Cleaning the Shower and Water Closet

Bathroom cleaning should be next in your cleaning actions. The shower and toilet area of the bathroom must be well cleaned. These should be scrubbed and disinfected. All points within the bathroom should get your attention.

Such areas should include all surfaces such as countertops and water closet. Get rid of grime wherever it may be found. The sink and shower screens should be washed clean. Water stains should be cleaned with an appropriate cleaning product.

You want to leave this part of your Airbnb property sparkling. Your guests should feel comfortable during their stay. Next, clean and mop the bathroom and shower floors. Also, remove and empty the trashcan.

  • Replenish Your Stock

An Airbnb property should be stocked with all the essentials which enhance the convenience of your guest’s stay. Such consumables range from toiletries to beverages and foods. Toiletries will include basics like toilet papers, deodorant, nail clippers, floss, tooth cleaner, and mirror among others.

All of these consumables will need to be frequently checked to find out if they need to be restocked or not. Your checklist will help solve any complexities that may arise. Apart from your cleaning checklist, create one for your supplies to ensure you never run short of the basics.

  • Spot Dusting

Spot cleaning should be a frequent activity or task to be carried out. Cleaning should cover areas such as furniture as well as drawers, cabinets, and shelves. More detailed dusting will be needed in weekly or monthly intervals.

During such times, wall hangings and picture frames will need to be taken down and dusted. The ceiling fan should also be dusted and walls (including baseboards) wiped clean. Windows should be cleaned as well. When cleaning the windows, areas such as the sill, rail, glass area, and frames as well as ledges must be cleaned.

Polishing and shining of furniture and artwork may be needed too. There are tons of furniture polishes available for this purpose. Get one that fits your needs. Spot dusting also goes with tidying scattered items.

  • Cleaning the Floors

Floor cleaning will need to be carried out based on the floor type. For floors with carpets, the best cleaning method to apply is vacuuming. You’ll need to vacuum all carpets and rugs with the property. Also, vacuum couches and upholstery using appropriate vacuuming attachments for a perfect clean.

Other floor types can either be vacuumed or swept clean. This should be followed by mopping. You can go the extra mile by buffing and polishing the floors if you have what it takes. Thorough floor cleaning will involve moving furniture away from the walls to the middle of the room.

This makes way to clear out all dirt from hidden areas. This is mostly done on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Repairs

During your cleaning rounds, you’re likely to come across damaged furniture or doors among other things. You must create a maintenance culture. This will involve fixing damaged items around the property.

While paying attention to the condition of the property, you’ll be involved in checking the state of installations and fixing them when necessary. Some repairs may be more technical. For such, the help of a technician will be required.

  • Maintaining Common Spaces

Some Airbnb properties include relaxation and lounging privileges such as provisions for entertainment. Apart from cleaning such shared or common spaces, you’ll need to ensure that they operate smoothly.

This may include checking cable subscriptions among other things. The overall aim is to help your clients have a memorable time while enjoying there.

Airbnb Cleaning Products

In this article, we have a list of all the best Airbnb cleaning products that will not only save time and energy but also speed up check-in and check-out cleaning.

  • CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner

CLR is a very strong foam spray that eliminates scale, calcium, and discoloration on various countertops, appliances, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, tile, glass, fiberglass, and many more.

Procedure: Just spray the material on all surfaces that appear discolored and wait for about 15 minutes. If you intend using it on your shower, use an OXO good grips all-purpose scrub brush to scrub between the cracks.

Note: It has been discovered that CLR possesses a powerful scent, which could affect anyone with asthma. Ensure to put on a facemask while cleaning.

  • Clean Duet Natural Latex Non-Slip Grip Gloves

These gloves are the most durable and thickest gloves you can find anywhere. You can barely feel the heat under scolding hot water, which is very good for bathroom cleaning. These gloves usually come color-coded (purple and yellow).

The purple set is used for general cleaning while the yellow set is mainly for bathroom cleaning.

  • OXO Good Grips Under Appliance

It is better to use a microfiber duster than an old fashioned feather duster. You pick up dust when you make use of microfibers unlike when you use a feathered duster that moves dust from one place to another.

If it concerns dusting and trapping dirt, microfiber is the best option to use. For the procedure, mix it with a handle and you have the ideal formula for reaching hard spots.

  • Bar Keepers Friend Household Cleaner

This product possesses a scratch-resistant formula that aids safeguard your appliances and furniture. People make use of this product as a powdered cleanser particularly to eliminate any scaling build-up.

This product is truly a great all-purpose cleaner that ensures your stovetops, ceramic, fiberglass, porcelain, Corian, chrome, brass, and aluminum are in great shape. Besides, it buffs out the tough watermarks on stainless steel.

  • Magic Eraser – 4 Pack Originals

Magic Erasers are an all-around tool used for every part of your house. Magic Erasers are best used on cleaning stainless steel appliances or scuff marks on walls, porcelain sinks, water stains on the shower glass, cleaning soap scum, and scrubbing grout.

  • Draino Max Gel Sink Cleaner

A chemical compound used to rapidly dissolve soap scum, gunk, and hair is referred to as Draino. Draino is also used for your Airbnb sinks and shower drains. But it should be noted that this product is not used in the toilet.

For the procedure, all you are required to do is to pour the recommended amount of the product and wait for a few minutes, then rinse with hot water.

  • Vinegar For the Smell and Environmentally Friendly

There are two kinds of vinegar you can use to clean. The first has 5 percent acid which you see on chips, salads, or fish. The second is 10 percent acidic which is used in the majority of the cleaning isles and it is safer if you use both gloves and glasses.

The major characteristic of this product is that it eliminates horrible odors and it is very good at cutting down grasses. People use it to clean their floors, rinse out their Keurig machines, etc.

For the procedure, mix distilled vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle.

  • 0-Cider Spin Mop All-in-One

A mop that spins usually wrings out the excess water on a surface. Well, this particular product would have to lean down to wring it. Also, this product has a foot pedal that spins the mop for you.

This ensures that you have less chance of water damage and fewer water streaks on your floor.

  • Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths do not leave streaks or moisture behind; rather they eliminate bacteria or dirt with ease.

For the procedure, you use this product on your television screens, windows, monitors, and any other surface that has excessive dust or dirt.

  • Castile Soap

The castile soap has a pleasant squeaky clean feel and is an ideal replacement for someone sensitive to smell.

People cherish this product for the eco-friendly feature, which they use as a hand wash or use to wash dishes.

  • Spot Shot Stain Remover for Carpets

This product is very good at eliminating hard stains like red wine, grease, and anything on fabric like the carpet. It should be noted that the spot shot works exceptionally well on fresh stains that need to be cleaned up immediately.

  • Oxi-Clean Versatile Stain Remover

The Oxi-Clean Versatile Stain remover is one of the perfect multi-stain removing products on the market. This product can be used for dissolving messes from your living room, scrubbing dirty shower tiles, getting stains out of your laundry, and also lifting stains off your mattress.

With this product, you can remove stains on any surface by applying it only once every year.

  • Scrub Daddy Scratch Free

It has been discovered that when your dish rags become so dirty, you would perceive terrible odor and that is not good for your Airbnb’s. That is the main reason the Scrub Daddy joined the list.

People cherish this product because of its durability. Under cold water, the material gets harder and can split up hard surfaces. Under hot water, the sponge does the general cleaning.

  • OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

A solid brush can easily be tucked behind the toilet for suitable storage. Each Airbnb cleaning will require a dependable toilet brush.

This product has an open/close mechanism that hides the bristles. Also, the open/close mechanism balances thinly behind the toilet.

  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The scent is what people cherish with this toilet bowl cleaner. The product is a medium-thick cleaner that produces a nice scent and eliminates any toilet bowl build-up perfectly.

  • Squeegee for Showers and Tiles

If you want your glass shower doors to appear neat, then you must consider this product. Rather than using a paper towel, the squeegee removes stains on your tiles or any other surface.

  • Milk Crates to Carry All Airbnb Cleaning Products

It might shock you to know that milk crates carry additional car supplies like oil filters, windshield washer fluid, extra oil, etc. Also, milk crates can be used to store all our Airbnb cleaning products.

It may also surprise you that the product is easy to carry around and fit practically everything with a bit of organization.

Airbnb Cleaning Contracts

To find contracts focused on Airbnb cleaning,

  • Visit the provider’s website and find opportunities in your locality.
  • Compile a list and send them a pitch that is customized to their type of cleaning needs
  • Also, promote your website and ensure there is enough visibility for local searches on major search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Maximize social media, network and find hosts who may need your services for their Airbnb apartments
  • If you have the opportunity to use a local Airbnb, leave them a flyer and pitch your business to the person in charge.

To learn more about securing contracts in other cleaning niches, here is a guide.


  • Are you supposed to clean an Airbnb?

One of the major reasons hotels are costly is because they hire many employees to clean the rooms daily.

For guests, assuming that the hosts charge a cleaning fee, they would not expect you to clean up as much. If a host does not charge a cleaning fee, they will put their expectations in the listing description on what to clean like the dishes, bedsheets, etc.

  • How much does Airbnb charge for cleaning?

For hosts who do the job themselves, the average cleaning fee is 65 dollars per booking. Hosts who hire part-time or full-time cleaners, the average cleaning fee is 105 dollars per booking.

  • Is the Airbnb Cleaning Fee Refundable?

Before check-in, Airbnb cleaning fees are always refunded if the reservation is canceled. Nevertheless, at the end of your reservation, you will not get a refund for your cleaning fee.

Some guests cancel if they find the Airbnb cleaning fee too high.

  • Are cleaning Fees negotiable on Airbnb?

You must know that Airbnb cleaning fees are not negotiable directly. In other words, you can only negotiate on a total reservation discount including the nightly rate in addition to the cleaning fee.

  • How do I add an Airbnb cleaning fee?

There are three steps you need to follow if you want to add an Airbnb cleaning fee.

Step one;

On your PC, Windows, or Mac, visit the Airbnb site. If you have an account, log into it. After that, you will have to click on a few tabs.

Click on ‘Host’ at the top of the Airbnb homepage. Then scroll down where you notice ‘Listings’, also click on it.

Step two;

Under listings, scroll to the right where you will see the ‘Price’ tab. Ensure you click on it and scroll down where you see the ‘Extra charges’ tab.

Click on it, and to your right, you will see an edit button. Click on the edit button which will direct you to where you can add an Airbnb cleaning fee.

Step three;

Around the Extra charges tab, precisely at the top, you will notice a ‘cleaning fee’ segment. Under the cleaning fee segment, click on add or change any Airbnb cleaning fee which will apply to all reservations.

Do not forget to click on the Save button at the bottom.


There you go! This Airbnb cleaning checklist highlights some of the basic cleaning tasks that need to be performed to ensure a clean environment. These tasks can either be performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or whatever timeframe you choose.

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