How Much Does Chimney Sweep Cleaning Cost?

How much does it cost to clean a chimney? Find out the average sweep prices.

This article discusses all chimney cleaning costs. The cost of house cleaning has a lot to do with labor, type of chimney as well as inspection.

As you’ll soon find out, there are three levels of inspection which you’ll soon find out. You only need to read along for details about and more.

Chimney Cleaning Prices

Chimney cleaning is a basic maintenance activity that must be performed frequently enough to promote efficiency.

Cleaning is best performed by a professional chimney sweep and covers most chimney components including the fireplace. If you have a chimney you wish to have cleaned, you’ll be interested in the prices.

Parts of a Chimney Covered During Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is a systematic approach performed according to the different components involved. Such components include the chimney liner, the firebox, chimney flue, damper, and fireplace cleaning.

Each requires a different approach which may involve different tools.

A chimney sweep is in a better position to perform such cleanup. Apart from the expertise and experience garnered over the years, chimney sweeps have all the tools necessary for a perfect cleanup.

However, we won’t be delving into details about tools used as that isn’t our focus.

How Much Does Chimney Cleaning Cost?

How will it cost to have a chimney cleaned by a professional?

This is a vital question that must be satisfactorily answered. As you’ll learn shortly, the answer gives you the benefit of proper budgeting or prepping for the procedure.

Plus, it also gives you an idea of the cleaning frequency required.

The national average cost range of chimney cleaning is about $200. This price is applicable to level 2 inspections and cleaning of pellet stove chimneys. More about inspection levels will be covered shortly.

The minimum cost for the same procedure is about $80 while the maximum cost is around $500.

In terms of the average price range, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300.

To have a fair idea of the price details involved, we’ll be looking at cleaning by fireplace type, hourly rates, inspection & cleaning costs as well as factors impacting cleaning costs.

i. Chimney Cleaning Prices by Fireplace Type

When it comes to chimney cleaning, the fireplace type will play a price-determining role. Now, there are different types of fireplaces which include wood-burning, gas fireplace, wood stove, and pellet stove.

Each of these types attracts varying cleaning costs.

  • Wood Burning Fireplace Cleaning Costs

As the name suggests, wood-burning fireplaces exclusively require wood fuels for combustion.

These require the ventilation provided by chimneys to function effectively. When burning wood fuels, a significant amount of residue is left behind in the form of creosote and ash.

Cleaning seeks to remove as much creosote as possible to prevent fires.

Quarterly cleaning should suffice for this part of the chimney system. Cleaning prices for wood-burning fireplaces are around $160 and $240.

  • Gas Fireplace Cleaning Costs

Gas fireplaces tend to be more energy-efficient compared to most other fireplace types. Plus, they burn clean, thus having lesser cleaning requirements. Some gas fireplaces do not need chimneys.

These are known as ventless chimneys or gas fireplaces.

On the flip side are vented gas fireplaces which have to be connected to chimneys. While both types need to be cleaned, we’re more interested in the latter.

Annual cleaning is recommended for these types of chimney systems.

This will cost you around $80 to $130.

  • Wood Stove Cleaning Costs

Woodstoves are significant improvements over wood-burning fireplaces.

They’re designed to enhance combustion and venting efficiency. The chimney or exhaust system for these fireplace types has to be cleared of creosote and ash deposits.

Annual cleanup is recommended for these types of fireplaces. Sometimes when the chimney caps are removed or displaced, rodents, birds, and debris may clog up the chimney.

Cleaning is required to dislodge or remove all blockages. Cleaning a woodstove chimney will cost anywhere from $150 to $300.

  • Pellet Stove Cleaning Costs

Another type of chimney system is that connected to pellet stoves.

Such fuels create residue which needs to be cleared as frequently as possible (weekly cleaning). However, having a chimney sweep perform weekly cleanup doesn’t make sense. Such responsibility lies with you.

You only need to call the chimney sweep every quarter every 6 months.

Here, cleaning frequency largely depends on the degree of usage.

With more use comes the need to clean chimneys often. The typical cost for cleaning pellet stove chimneys is around $130 to $200.

ii. Hourly Chimney Cleaning Rates

When discussing the cleaning rates for chimneys, mention has to be made about hourly cleaning costs. On average, chimney cleaning services will charge around $75 per hour.

This means the number of hours spent on the job is multiplied by the hourly rate of $75.

Some other companies may charge a flat hourly cleaning rate. You’ll have to establish contact with your preferred chimney maintenance service to find out what applies to your situation.

When more than one chimney sweep is involved, the hours clocked by each technician are calculated separately. Of course, the average hourly rate is used for all calculations to reach a figure.

The good thing is, more chimney sweeps translate to faster job completion.

iii. Chimney Inspection & Cleaning Costs

When you call for chimney cleaning, both inspection and cleaning will mostly be included within the package or plan. There are three inspection levels which are levels 1 through 3.

Each involves a unique approach with different intensity.

Level 1 inspection is the most basic and is performed on chimneys with no form(s) of damage. Accessible portions of the chimney are visually inspected cleaning is performed.

This will cost anywhere from $85 to $950.

For level 2 inspection, the approach is quite different. Here, a more detailed inspection and is mostly performed when there has been a recent modification to the chimney such as switching fuel type, etc.

Here, inspection and cleaning will attract between $150 and $1,000.

Level three inspections are the most detailed of the three. Here, the inspection may be invasive with certain parts removed for cleanup purposes and possible repairs.

This attracts the most fees from $500 to $5,000.

These are the basic cost implications for chimney cleaning. Also, the company or chimney sweep you hire is likely to determine how much you eventually pay for the cleanup.

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