How Much Does Professional Couch Cleaning Cost?

Is professional couch cleaning worth it? If yes, how much does it cost to get a couch professionally cleaned?

Having your couch or upholstery cleaned professionally comes at a cost. However, the exact costs can vary from one service provider to the next. Also, the cost could be influenced by several factors.

Due to the variances involved, it’s necessary to have an idea of what the prices are like.

How Much To Clean A Couch

This involves discussing the subject matter in detail.

Here, most of our focus will be on looking at the subject of cost from multiple angles. The purpose is to give you a better idea of what’s involved.

So, are you ready to find out? We’re willing to help!

Before we proceed…

It’s important to state that professional couch cleaning covers a wide range of things. A professional cleaning service may seek to include a category that covers several furniture types under its couch cleaning services.

So, you may find furniture like leather couches (couch cleaning based on material), ottoman, sofa, dining chair, loveseat, office chair, recliner, and armchair. Cleaning any, or a number of these furniture types will attract a certain fee.

Details on these and more will be discussed shortly.

How Much Does Couch Cleaning Cost?

To have your couch professionally cleaned, expect an average fee range of between $105 and $215. The average cost for such a service is about $155 with a low of $50 and a high of $500.

This is for a single piece of furniture.

However, there are other finer details you’ll need to know of. These involve the cleaning method adopted, material, and so on. Also, cleaning costs include both materials and labor. All of these will be treated shortly.

Classifying Couch Cleaning Prices

Couch cleaning costs are better understood when looking at such from certain perspectives.

Here, we’re talking about broad categories like the cleaning method used, type of material, the furniture item, and the company or contractor hired for such a job.

i. Couch Cleaning Costs By Cleaning Method

Couch cleaning is performed through the adoption of different approaches. There’s stain removal, steam cleaning, and chemical cleaning. Each of these methods has its different costs.

On average, you’re likely to spend around $47.50 for cleanup services.

Out of the three cleaning methods mentioned, stain removal attracts the most cost. This is understandable due to the nature of stains. Some stain removal jobs on couches are tougher than others.

When steam cleaning is to be used on a couch, it’s likely to attract a fee of about $15 to $80. For stain removal, it’s around $25 to $80 while chemical cleaning attracts a fee within the $15 to $95 range.

So what’s involved for each of these cleaning methods?

It’s important to note that the costs mentioned here are those per furniture item. In other words, cleaning costs apply to a single couch.

  • Stain Removal

Couches are likely to have stains from spilled beverages, juices, or cooking oil among others.

Here, a pre-treatment service is necessary. The material such couch is made from will determine what stain cleaner to use. Now, the stain size and intensity will determine how much you pay for removal.

  • Steam Cleaning

During hot water extraction, pressurized steam is used at a high temperature on the couch surface.

This process not only helps get rid of grime and dirt but also kills all germ and bacteria. A cleaning agent is applied or scrubbed into the couch before it’s air-dried to get rid of excess water.

  • Chemical Cleaning

The chemical method of cleaning a couch takes a different approach. As the name implies, this cleaning process involves the use of certain cleaning chemicals. However, not all couch fabrics are suitable for chemical cleaning.

Fabric such as cotton, rayon, denim, silk, and wool are best cleaned using the chemical procedure.

ii. Couch Cleaning Prices By Type of Material

The type of material your couch is made of will determine cleaning prices. Common materials include leather, rayon, silk, polyester, and denim among others.

Depending on the material, your couch cleaning costs will be impacted considerably.

For example, couches made from fabric materials will cost around $30 to $85 to clean. Cleaning leather materials cost more at around $100 to $300.

What’s the size of your couch? Larger couches will also cost more to clean.

iii. Cleaning Prices By Furniture Item

Speaking of furniture items, there’s likely to be some form of confusion as our focus is on the couch.

However, we’ve earlier stated that some professional cleaning services may categorize certain cleaning jobs to include couches and other related furniture.

So, office chair cleaning will cost around $20 to $45, sofa at $100 to $300, and dining chair around $10 to $40.

Couch cleaning costs will range from $80 to $120 and ottoman for $20 to $45. Cleaning a loveseat will cost between $60 and $115, while an armchair goes for between $30 and $55.

For a recliner, expect a cleaning cost of $60 to $90, while a lounge chair goes for between $40 and $60.

iv. Cleaning Prices by Company or Contractor Hired

Who gets hired for a couch cleaning job matters (in terms of quality and cost). First off, only professional cleaners should be considered for such jobs. Secondly, most services have their pricing structure.

As a client in need of couch cleaning services, you should be more concerned about getting a quality job as well as fair pricing.

These two factors will influence most client’s decisions.

One way to get a fair price is by knowing the top-rated furniture cleaning services available. Secondly, consider getting multiple quotes from a number of these services.

This allows you to settle for the best bargain.

Some of the top-rated professional furniture cleaning services include Chem-Dry, Stanley Steemer, COIT Cleaning & Restoration, And Zerorez.

Couch Cleaning Frequency

In figuring out couch cleaning prices, you may also be interested in knowing how often couches should be cleaned in a year. This gives you an idea of how much cost is involved.

Couches should be cleaned at least once a year.

However, depending on the number of users and how often it gets dirty, such furniture can be professionally cleaned as much as five times a year. It all depends on your needs.

There you have it! The professional cleaning prices for couches are quite varied. Knowing your specific costs depends on finding out what these factors entail.

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