In this guide, we’ll be discussing the average wheelie bin cleaning prices, what makes up such costs, and other general information on the process.

As bins get frequently used, they easily get dirty. These also give off foul odor even when empty. There are also germs to worry about. The best solution to this problem is to have them cleaned.

Now, cleaning involves several things. This includes washing as well as disinfecting such bins.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Wheelie Bin?

This article is more concerned with the cleaning cost for bins. A lot of people will want to know how much it will cost them to have their bins cleaned even before they patronize a service provider.

This article is meant to help. Join us as we consider bin cleaning prices and factors that impact them.


Bin cleaning is generally affordable. Most of the pricing structure put in place by bin cleaners considers affordability. Whether you want a residential or commercial service, you’re likely to find the pricing well within your reach.

The cost of bin cleaning is determined by its frequency. In other words, the more frequent a bin is cleaned, the higher your overall cost is likely to be.

Cost assessment is clearer when spread across a time frame (say, a year).

Average Bin Cleaning Prices – Estimated Quotes

Before we provide you with the price details for wheelie bin cleaning, it will be necessary to point out the fact that there are two types of cleaning. They include residential and commercial bin cleaning.

Each of these has its different cost which is understandable.

  • Residential Bin Cleaning Prices

Bin cleaning businesses are increasingly opening thus creating a competitive business environment with the customer being the better for it. The cost you pay will depend on the cleaning service you choose. Nevertheless, there’s a price range as well as pricing plans.

Again, all of these details are dependent on the bin cleaning service you choose to patronize. Some services have premium, standard, basic, and one of the cleaning services. Each of these comes at a specific cost.

Premium bin cleaning services will cost around $240.00 and lasts for 2 weeks. Under this plan, the price per bin starts at $8.00. Standard bin cleaning plan pricing costs less and starts at $135.00. This lasts or covers 4 weeks. Here, the price per bin starts at $9.00.

Pricing for basic bin cleaning starts at $80.00 and lasts for 12 weeks. The price per bin goes for $16.00. Bin cleaning services also offer one-off cleaning which is priced at $25.00. As the name implies, it is performed once only. The price per bin goes for $25.00.

For all of the above plans, the same bin is cleaned on every visit. If you have multiple bins, cleaning will be billed differently.

  • Commercial Bin Cleaning Prices

Commercial clients consisting of predominantly businesses are priced differently. Unlike what most will expect, pricing is quite lower compared to residential. This could be due to multiple factors.

Cleaning services are split into different plants that include premium, standard, basic, and one-off.

Premium bin cleaning services are priced at $8.00 and the last 2 weeks. Standard bin cleaning is slightly higher at $9.00 lasting four weeks. Basic bin cleaning services are priced at $16.00 for 12 weeks.

The one-off cleaning is costlier and goes for $25.00.

Factors Determining Bin Cleaning Costs

When it comes to bin cleaning prices, several factors are involved. These range from the number of bins to be cleaned, ease of access, locations, and sizes.

Let’s further break these down to enable you to get a grasp of pricing.

  • Number of Bins Cleaned

Most bin cleaners rely on a variety of factors to set their pricing structures. The most prominent among these factors is the number of bins to be cleaned. In simple terms, more bins translate to higher or increased cleaning costs.

  • Ease of Access

When a bin cleaner comes around, they inspect the situation on the ground as well as the conditions.

Such conditions include access to your bins. When a bin is easily accessible, the pricing will be much lower compared to situations where they are difficult to access.

  • Location

Your locations will largely determine the cost incurred.

Persons living within a city are likely to pay less for bin cleaning than those in the suburbs or fringes. The bin cleaning service will factor in the added transportation cost to get to your location.

  • Size

The size of your bin matters and will contribute to the price incurred. Smaller bins typically cost less to clean than larger ones. More resources are taken up when cleaning the latter. Having an understanding of these factors will help a lot.

  • Your Service Provider

The bin cleaning service provider you settle for will also determine the pricing for the most part.

Cleaning services strive to make their businesses more attractive. This results in a competitive pricing structure where the client gets the benefit of choice.

It’s necessary when choosing your preferred bin cleaning service to compare pricing. However, the focus shouldn’t be pricing alone. There should be a balance between competitive pricing and quality service.

How Often Should Your Bin Be Cleaned?

Cleaning is meant to be scheduled. If you want your bin to be in good condition, consider calling for cleaning once a month.

However, the best advice you’ll ever get about bin cleaning should come from your bin cleaners or contractors. These experts consider every condition before reaching a suitable bin cleaning schedule.

What Does Bin Cleaning Entail?

Irrespective of your preferred service provider, bin cleaning services carry out cleaning tasks in a variety of ways.

However, the results are much similar; a clean and disinfected bin. Some of the basic bin cleaning tasks include high-pressure cleaning using water, as well as spraying of bins with industrial-grade deodorizer and disinfectant.

What more? At the end of such cleaning, your bin is left smelling fresh and free of dirt and germs. You can begin using it right away until the next cleaning schedule as recommended by your cleaning service.

There you have it! We’ve been discussing wheelie bin cleaning prices to this point.

Apart from providing an estimate of what it will cost to have your bin(s) cleaned, we also included information on the factors influencing bin cleaning cost among other things. This should serve as a guide in taking informed action.