Yacht Cleaning Prices For Washing & Stain Removal

Yacht cleaning prices are among the first things people seek to know when calling for detailing services. Here, we aim to help you with such information. We’ve included as much information about yacht detailing as needed.

Yacht cleaning or detailing is an important maintenance activity that needs to be carried out frequently. This keeps the boat in optimal shape. It focuses more on getting dirt off and making your yacht sparkle.

Equally important to boat owners are the cleaning prices.

These cover all basic cleaning tasks you may need and the cost of such services.

Yacht Detailing Prices Could Be Affected By Several Variables

Yacht cleaning involves a whole lot of procedures.

These focus on the different parts to return the boat to its brilliant look. Now, for each cleaning activity, there’s a price accompanying it.

The price you pay will be determined by the severity of the dirt or soil.

  • Barnacle Removal

Barnacles are marine crustaceans that permanently attach themselves to yacht surfaces.

Whenever these are present, they are removed during yacht detailing. It may cost you around $ to $5 per foot to have these removed or cleared out.

  • Extra Dirty Yacht

Extra dirty yacht cleaning typically attracts higher prices.

This is understandable due to the work required to clean the boat. An extra-dirty yacht is mostly due to a lack of cleaning for a significant period of time.

You should expect higher detailing fees if your boat falls into this category.

  • Level of Oxidation

Oxidation is simply referring to rust. This happens with yachts over time and stains surfaces. Yacht cleaning takes care of such oxidation. A special cleaning compound is applied to affected surfaces to get rid of such oxidation.

This restores the brilliance or shine of your yacht surfaces.

  • Yacht Size

Yachts come in different sizes there are small yachts as well as mega yachts. Between these two extremes are varying medium-sized boats. Detailing prices will always be affected by the size of such yachts.

Most pricing is done per foot. So, the more foot space being cleaned, the higher the cost incurred.

  • Detailing Plans or Procedures

Most yacht cleaning services have a pricing structure that follows the degree of cleaning services provided. In other words, certain cleaning jobs are priced higher than others. These are mostly categorized under plans.

You may find a yacht cleaning service with cleaning plans such as basic wash, detailed wash, premium wash, premium+wax, or other similar forms of detailing plants.

As expected, it will cost less to have a yacht cleaned under basic wash plans than under premium plans.

Average Cleaning Prices For Yachts

The cleaning prices for yachts vary based on the factors mentioned above. The biggest variation is seen in the yacht size.

In other words, the large a yacht is, the more it will cost to clean. There are also different types of cleaning services.

These range from boat wash only, carpet wash & stain removal as well as molds & mildew treatment.

Others are canvas clean & waterproof, hull detail, flybridge detail, and shore power cord clean just to mention a few.

The nature of these cleaning services will be determined by the service provider or detailing service.

  • Boat Wash Only

This is about the most basic yacht cleaning service you’ll get.

It includes a full boat bottom and interior cleaning consisting of the cockpit berths, saloon, and other interior spaces. For yachts measuring up to 30ft, it will cost an average of $3 per ft. to clean.

Cleaning for yachts measuring anywhere from 31 to 41 ft. will cost around $4 per ft. Bigger yachts (those measuring 41 to 51 ft) will attract an average fee of $5. Further details about the actual cost will be supplied to you by your detailing service.

  • Carpet Wash & Stain Removal

Sometimes, this may be priced separately for clients seeking only this type of service.

Here, carpets and fabrics as well as the scotch guard are targeted for cleaning. Smaller yachts measuring up to 30 ft will attract a cleaning fee of $4 per ft.

Yachts measuring 31 to 41 ft. will attract an average fee of $6 for this job. This increases to $8 for bigger yachts.

  • Mold & Mildew Treatment

Mold and mildew treatment are often included among yacht detailing services.

These focus on bilge and engine clean. The cost for these services ranges from $2 per ft. for boats measuring 30 ft. and $3 for yachts ranging from 31 to 41 ft.

  • Canvas Clean and Waterproof

This is another detailing service that is charged by a foot of space cleaned.

You’ll pay anywhere from $0.75 per ft. for yachts measuring 30ft. Charges increase for larger boats (between 31 to 41) with a price set at $1.15 per ft. Larger yachts will require paying a fee of $1.25 per ft.

  • Bottom Power Wash

Boat bottom power wash may be needed during yacht cleaning.

This is an out of water service that attracts an average fee of $2 for boat size 30ft and $3 for boats measuring 31 to 41 ft. It goes higher for larger-sized boats with fees starting from $4.

  • Hull Detail

This is another out of water cleaning services that are priced at approximately $8 per ft for 30 ft boats. You may pay around $9 for yacht sizes ranging from 31 to 41 ft, while larger yachts may attract a hull detailing fee of $10 per ft.

  • Above Deck Detail

Above deck, detail may be priced anywhere from $9 per ft. for 30 ft long yachts. Cleaning prices may increase to around $10 per ft. for yacht lengths 31 to 41 ft. Bigger yachts will see detailing fees jump to around $11 per ft.

  • Fly Bridge Detail

Cleaning the flybridge of a yacht will cost around $3 per ft. This increases to around $4 per ft for medium-sized boats and $5 for larger boats.

As we’ve seen so far, these are just estimates of the actual costs as prices may vary based on multiple factors as discussed above. Yacht cleaning prices will be largely determined by the detailing service you hire.

To make the best pick for the job, consider making multiple inquiries.

In other words, you’ll need to ask for several price quotes from multiple cleaning services. This helps you make comparisons. to choose a cost-effective and reliable service provider.

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