Cleaning Brite

Cleaning Brite is an online resource for starting a cleaning venture successfully. We share ideas, procedures, and plans that grow any cleaning company.

Are you looking for specific cleaning tips?

Here is a collection of guides focused on checklists and procedures in professional cleaning.

We have outlined steps to carry out different cleaning types, standard checklists, stain removal, as well as solutions to cleaning at home.

Here are the commonly used cleaning supplies and products for commercial and DIY jobs. We have outlined specific cleaning agents, drying machines, and other equipment that are involved in day-to-day cleaning.

We have a section that reviews brands and also provides comprehensive buying guides that may be beneficial if you need to purchase cleaning materials and tools.

Do you know what to pay for a cleaning job?

We have established how much different services charge for cleaning jobs.  CleaningBrite provides price list estimates for different types of cleaning solutions.

We have also included tips on saving costs when hiring for a cleaning task.

For an entrepreneur who is interested in cleaning startups, we have a business section that discusses the intricacies of opening a cleaning venture.

We have covered startup opportunities, business planning, naming, pricing strategies to profit potentials.

Our guides provide everything an intending investor needs, including cleaning startup costs and strategies to manage a cleaning business to success.

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